Faces for LIFE

The stories listed below are the stories of men and women who have been affected by abortion.

The faces represented are…a former Planned Parenthood director, abortion survivors, women who were conceived in rape, women in unplanned pregnancies, women who have chosen life for their baby and either chose to parent, place for adoption, or had a baby born into Heaven, women who have chosen an abortion and see the heartbreak it brings, a nurse who held an aborted baby in her arms while he died, men whose girlfriend/wife chose an abortion, and women who received a fatal diagnosis for their baby, were told by doctors that “terminating” the pregnancy would be best, yet decided to carry their baby until Jesus took them to Heaven. Some of these families that got a fatal diagnosis for their baby chose not to abort, like the doctors told them was best, and ended up having a perfectly healthy child.

Though these men and women are affected in many different ways, there is something that binds them. They know sorrow and pain, yet they speak to the world the redemption and healing that Jesus Christ brings, to any and all situations! These stories show God’s heart for everyone affected by abortion, the babies, parents, grandparents, clinic workers, etc…He desires to heal, redeem, transform. No matter how one is affected, He is greater!

I pray that through this compilation of stories, hearts will be stirred, people will begin to grasp the sanctity of all unborn life, babies will be saved, and lives will be healed and changed!

If you want to share your story of how you’ve been affected by abortion and how the Lord has delivered and healed you, please send it to claireculwell@yahoo.com. The more stories we can share that show the different sides of abortion, the more hearts will change and the truth will be seen! Many blessings!

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